Tony drove out of the hospital….Ify was confused…how did Mr. Fernando end up being her father….she needed to know…she went to her mom “Nne…can you explain to me how this happened…I mean…I thought papa was my father…now its Mr. Ferdnard..I don’t understand..” Ify said….her mother sighed… “it’s a long story my dear..” she said “I’m all ears” Ify responded.


 25 yrs ago in Akwa Ibom State Cynthia and Ferdnard had been dating for almost two years…it was kept a secret because Ferdnardo’s parents were against the relationship….but they still continued….one fateful day…Cynthia came to his house crying… “Cynthia…Cynthia..What is it..??…why are you crying…??” “Ferdnard…(crying)…i have something to tell you..” Cynthia said amidst tears “is that why you are crying…talk to me..” “I…I…I am pregnant Ferdnardo…(crying more)..” “is that why you are crying…talk to me..” “I…I…I am pregnant Ferdnardo…(crying more)..” Ferdnardo stood up and stared at her for a long time before asking “are you sure..??” “Yes…I did the test today..it came out positive…” she replied still crying….suddenly Ferdnardo carried her and twirled her around screaming in excitement…Cynthia was confused… “you’re happy..??” she asked “of course…why wouldn’t I be..??…now my parents will have no choice than to accept you since you’re carrying their grandchild…we’ll finally get married..” he yelled…Cynthia stopped crying…she couldn’t believe her luck “so you want me to marry you..?…even though I’m not from a rich family..?? she asked “(smiling)…I love you Cynthia…I want to spend the rest of my life with you…come..Come…I’m so excited…let’s celebrate..Then we’ll fix a day to go tell my parents they turned and saw Mr. Clifford standing at the entrance with tony beside him “I’m willing to donate….if there is one thing I have learnt from your daughter…my wife…is how to forgive…you may have tried to kill me but I’m still alive today because of you…for the love I have for Ify..I’ll donate but it comes with a condition..” tony said….Ify wiped the tears from her face… “What is it…?” she asked “that you…Ifaechi…promise to be mine forever…to love me alone…and… Ify interrupted him with a kiss…. “Done…I love you Tony…I love you…” “I love you more Ify..” they hugged and kissed.

 Two months later the compound was filled with people…the smiths were having a party…they were celebrating the recovery of Ify’s dad and were

as well making their marriage official… “i don’t know how to thank you my son…I’m alive because of you Mr. Ferdnardo spoke.. ”c’mon dad…I’ve told you times without number to stop thanking me…my dad played a role too…he was the one who talked sense into me…” tony said just then Cynthia and Ify walked in…“what are we talking about” Ify asked kissing Tony.. “weeelll…we’re talking about the wedding between you and me..” Mr. Ferdnardo said cooking at Cynthia “chia..wedding ke…aren’t we too old for that . “Of course not…you can both “of course not…you can both get married…you don’t have to bear children..’ tony said “soooooo…Cynthia…will you marry me..??’ Ferdnardo asked going down on one knee….Cynthia smiled and nods… “hmmmm…I should get me a wife too..” Mr. Clifford said… They all laugh suddenly Ify ran into the bathroom to vomit.


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  • Tosin Reply

    A job well done to the writer but I note some things in it which I think should be improved upon.
    For a story like this, the typo errors are way too many which shouldn’t be so, please try to proofread before sending.
    Also, the part of the story of how Ferdinard became Ify’s father wasn’t complete, this isn’t Nollywood that you expect us to assume the rest of the story.
    Likewise, I realized that some parts of the story seems unreal, for example, that part where Donald asked for 50mil for her sister’s surgery, I think it’s too unreal, fine, some people can give that without raising an eyebrow, but I feel it looks out the ordinary.
    Also, the way the story are intertwined in some parts isn’t too good.
    In addition, getting the page loaded to read the next episode isn’t easy, there was a time I loaded the page and I saw episode 27,within the twinkle of an eye, it has disappeared only for episode 25 to come up and the Alagbara musical advert and that’s not the first time it’s happening and I don’t want to believe it’s my network because I tried other sites that didn’t behave like that, so please work on that and also, have subscribed to your newsletter,but I haven’t even receive a notification from you. I just decided to check your page and that’s how I was able to know that you’ve release last episode. Work on it as well please.
    All in all, a job well done once again. Hope to read another story soonest.

    August 8, 2018 at 1:12 pm

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