They rushed to the hospital…everywhere was rowdy…bodies were being brought in…ify ran around trying to identify the bodies…to see if her mother’s was among them but could not find her “tony…tony..i can’t find mama…where is my mother..” she yelled as she cried “ify calm down…lets go and talk to the doctor first..” tony said hugging her…he doesn’t like seeing her cry..it hurts him…just then the doctor walked in “doctor…doctor..What is happening..?” Mr. Clifford asked “sir…there was an accident and the victims are being brought it….” the doctor explained “good…that’s why we’re here…my daughter in law’s mother was among the passenger who entered that vehicle but we can’t find her here…” “uumm…sir…have you checked the dead ones…I’m sorry if I’m being too forward but that’s how it is..if she is not here she should be there..I’m sorry..” he said and walked away “heeeeeeeeehh….chimo… Nne mo..she can’t die…God please…my mother cannot die ooh..” Ify screamed rolling on the floor…tony tried to console her…


“Ify…Ify..calm down…don’t say that…for all we know she might not be there…lets go and check first…”they asked a nurse where the dead one were kept and she directed them…they searched and searched but could not find her…Ify felt lost and heartbroken…her mother was the only family she had left and she is dead…her mother is dead… “Ify…stop crying….your mother is not dead…I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for this..” “what explanation tony…tell me…how else can this be explained..” Ify asked “(sighs)…let’s just go home…we’ll come back tomorrow and check again…I’m sure by then we’ll find her…let’s just go..” they left the hospital and went home…Ify didn’t say anything…she went straight to her room and so did the others… knock knock a knock on Tony’s door woke him up…he opened and saw Ify standing before him…her eyes were swollen…she obviously had not stopped crying… “can I sleep here please..” she said..tony gave way and she entered…she went straight to the bed and laid down…tony laid beside her….his desires began to build up…he tossed and turned trying to fight it but it wasn’t working….he slipped his hand around her waist…she only turned to face him….he swallowed hard…he pulled her in and kissed her…she responded…..his hands floated to her bra sliding it off to show her beautiful boobs…he cupped them in his hands…she threw her head back….her skin had goose bumps from his touch…he stood off the bed and took off his shirt and pants to where he had nothing on but boxers…he bent over and slide off her shorts she had on showing her velvet colored panties that matched her bra…she smiled as she watched him slowly undress her…he left her panties on and slowly crawled back on her….he pinned her arms over her head and pressed his bare chest against hers….he kissed the inside of her arms till he reached her shoulders….then he spread his lips and traces his tongue from her shoulder blades to the outside of her boobs…his tongue massaged her soft sensitive skin… she started panting as her nipple grew erect…he slowly grazed his flat tongue against the pink of her b—-t and her pelvis contracted in anticipation…. his hand caressed her other b—-t….he slid back down to her thighs and caressed them teasing her by going closer to her treasure and moving away…not touching it….he could tell she was getting annoy touching it….he could tell she was getting annoyed by the way she moved her body so he decided to stop teasing her and rubbed over her treasure with his fingers…getting it moist to the point he could feel it through her panties….when he was satisfied with her wetness…he slid off her panties…looking at her bare..beautiful shaved treasure…his mouth got wet just imagining tasting this good soft after so long…..he leaned in and kissed it…her body jumped…he chuckled…leaned in and slowly stuck his tongue out his tongue licking her c—t slowly…she moaned out…he went faster….he started tongue kissing her p***y as she started tongue kissing her p***y as she yelled out his name and moaned….he had her arching her back while he fingered her and licked at a rapid pace….he felt her c—t tighten up and he knew she was about to c—-x so he went faster and faster and faster till he felt her juices come out…..she yelled out his name and he smiled….he took off his boxers exposing his d**k…she bit down on her finger looking at it….he walked up to her and laid on top of her….he put her legs on his shoulders and positioned himself between her legs….he positioned the head of his d**k and slowly stuck it in… “oouch tony”…she yelled “shhhh” he said closing his eyes taking in all her wet and tightness…he started to stroke her with his hands moving over her body with urgency

The next morning…Ify woke up to the ringing of her phone…she did not recognize the number “hello…who is this..?” she asked “please…am I speaking with mrs Ifaechi smith..??’” the caller asked “yes…you are” “ok…this is doctor troy speaking…there is a woman here claiming to be your mother..and… “What does she look like” Ify asked interrupting doctor.


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  • Marek Reply

    Hej, szczerze polecam oferte biura projektowego Sztuka Ogrodowa z Warszawy. Bardzo podoba mi sie ich profesjonalizm.
    U mnie zrobili super robote i jestem bardzo zadowolony z rezultatu (moge podeslac kilka zdjec mojego ogrodu)
    link do ich strony: http://sztuka-ogrodowa.com.pl/

    July 25, 2018 at 6:34 pm
  • Tosin Reply

    A job well done to the writer but I note some things in it which I think should be improved on
    For a story like this, the typo errors are way too many which shouldn’t be so, please try to proofread before sending.
    Also, the part of the story of how Ferdinard became Ify’s father wasn’t complete, this isn’t Nollywood that you expect us to assume the rest of the story.
    Likewise, I realized that some parts of the story seems unreal, for example, that part where Donald asked for 50mil for her sister’s surgery, I think it’s too unreal, fine, some people can give that without raising an eyebrow, but I feel it looks out the ordinary.
    Also, the way the story are intertwined in some parts isn’t too good.
    In addition, getting the page loaded to read the next episode isn’t easy, there was a time I loaded the page and I saw episode 27,within the twinkle of an eye, it has disappeared only for episode 25 to come up and the Alagbara musical advert and that’s not the first time it’s happening and I don’t want to believe it’s my network because I tried other sites that didn’t behave like that, so please work on that and also, have subscribed to your newsletter,but I haven’t even receive a notification from you. I just decided to check your page and that’s how I was able to know that you’ve release last episode. Work on it as well please.
    All in all, a job well done once again. Hope to read another story soonest.

    August 8, 2018 at 1:23 pm

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