I walked down the street dog tired from a long day of work, I kept thinking about the kind of visitor I got this early morning before going to work.

Could it be that guys nowadays invent new ways of malady? Or are they inadvertently loosing their ‘playing’ touch? Or is it just this particular guy’s way of making a miserable attempt at flirting?

Okay, I know am not making much sense right now but I soon will. I’ve had a lot of experiences with guys who think because am a Christian and a religious lady that the best way to get to me is to talk about religion in a nonsensical way hoping it gets my attention. Some even goes as far as to tell me ‘visions’ that are honestly amusing and nauseating. Imagine a guy walks up to you and says ‘you’re my Eve, let’s hang out to make our coat’. Hilarious, right?

Well,  this particular guy walked up to me this beautiful morning to tell me about himself. Here’s our dialogue

Guy: Hello sister. My name is Christian. Am a pastor with a spirit of the most High (Most High what exactly?). I’m spirit filled and a fervent worker in the  vineyard (grapes’ vineyard? 😂). I perceived in my spirit that you are the woman my spirit wants to cleave with. I know you can feel the spirit’s call too.

Me: Dude, cut the crap. Demons are spirit’s too so please clarify, which spirit is summoning you?…

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