Self Defense Tips Every Lady Should Know

Self Defense Tips Every Lady Should Know

Oh! Sure, Valentine’s day is another day to show how much you care.

 Many will go out of their way to make an impression in the heart of their love ones. But then, just in the midst of it all, one has to make a stand.

 Today, let your yes remain yes. Don’t be under pressure to oblige someone’s selfish desire. A lot of lions will be out there today, waiting to devour.

 It will all start in the mutual space but then, when you realize that the hand shake is going beyond the elbow, kindly make your stand. You have your decision to make, you choose to be with them today so let them respect that.

Now, if you notice that the hug is no longer your assumed hug but gradually turning into a struggle, here are some tips on how to “get out of there with no regrets”.


There is no crime in been prepared, though I wish to God it did not get to this. Let me go look for my own Val whom I have been falling for over and over again.

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