Verse 1

He walks to the stage,His heart is pounding out loud, pounding in his ears, he hears no other sound. The stage is lit too bright he’s frightened when he sees the crowd. He takes the mic and tries to speak but the words won’t come out and the crowd is waiting, he sees it in their eyes they’re anticipating the flow# and punchlines coz he better be good they wont have it otherwise, now fear comes in (cough)loosen those ties. one stage many combatants, just like mortal Kombat only winners will survive, one will make it intact. Smart is the new sexy, one cup and many drunkards and to win you must battle its war no doubt about that. Find your voice and make a sound and make it loud amaze the crowd, your time is now. Its not about where you come from, how much you have its about who saw the chance, who shot it down and who’s taking the crown.

Verse 2

 Love is such a beautiful thing and when she steps inna the room you know you got this feeling. All she gives is one smile and you start fidgeting, the AC’s blowing full blast but you know you’re sweating its certain. But you’re scared to tell hear how you feel, amean what if she’s on a friend zoning deal amean, what if she’s got a boyfriend with a thousand abs and cash and muscles stronger than steel ready to kill. Get a little bit of sense if you will, realize you’re not the only one who feels how you feel for her. So stop procrastinating, coz by the time you spill your would would be surprised what shell spit, she’ll bre like
“Gold you’re so funny, you didn’t say this before, i think you’re cute but sadly you kept quiet too long. I love confidence and guys who look me straight in the eye. You’re to shy, I’m going out with Michael byebye.

Verse 3

The world is not a gentle one, so you wont get what you desire as a gentleman. Its wise to wear a mad mans guise arise and scream your head off until the world complies, “hey guys! I just come back from the medical, the doctor said I’m allergic to poverty in general. So don’t you dare piss me off. Keep on playing my song don’t you dare turn it off” Those radio guys will listen when they see your ugly face all dark, scary looking they will play your song for days. Some may call you names, some may say you craze but its one shot and its for those in first place.
In this economy when things are totally harder and tougher and trickier than formerly, you cant just sit down and let opportunity hit you so suddenly that you’re not prepared to handle it properly, you must be ready arm steady with eyes always looking for signs of the trophy coz to become somebody, break free from poverty, you’ve got to realize that life is ugly. So you must be ready and deadly coz they are few chances and hustlers are many, you cannot be weary, discipline your body and never be lazy. The enemies patiently waiting to see you in penury must keep on waiting until its eternity coz you must blow like an atomic bomb and destroy them like its Nagasaki. The top is where you want to be, but to be there you’ve gotta be strong. With arms of steel coz the road is hard and its long. We can’t all be great some people will definitely get it wrong. So when your chance comes better remember this song.

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