When it’s hot

Am all for it

When it’s not

I’ll live without it


Show me you care

I’ll show you dynamite

Prove you don’t care

Baby, I’ll turn mite


If you’re teasing me

And it makes me smile

Then your sincerity with me

Will taste like lime


You say you love me

Yet you said you’re joking

Then when you really want me

You expect me to be blushin


I should fight for you?

Sure, you know I can

But if I leave her to you

Baby, you have to be a man


I do what you want

And you are pleased

When I start to revolt

Oh boy, you must be pleased


You want me refined to your taste

When you know I’m not your taste

Guy why do you say you like my chaste?

Even all my pictures on your wall you paste


Ask me how I feel

My head will reel

Ignore how I feel

Me you slowly kill


By: Oluwatomisin.Capediem

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