Steven: I can’t believe this! The lady i have been looking for is actually here. And by the looks of her clothes, she works here. My hangover lasted for two days and after then, my memories of that night came to me. I remember everything and I have been searching for this lady ever since. I need to confirm and now that i have the opportunity, I won’t let her run away from me.


I don’t trust her. What was her reason for coming to my room and seducing me when i was drunk?. She’s probably a gold digger who thinks sleeping with the boss would help her up the social ladder. I just hope that she doesn’t claim to be pregnant because i have no plans of ever getting married after what Jane did to me. I really loved her (Jane) and she betrayed me with my brother.


All women are the same. I jog behind her and catch up with her when she meets a dead end. “Nowhere to go now” i say and stalk towards her. I reach where she is and tower above her. She looks so small before me. We stare at each other for a while and i feel the chemistry buzzing around us. An invisible magnet seems to be pulling me towards her and i find myself leaning in to kiss her. Her eyes flutter close. I am so close to kissing her but i stop myself and divert my lips to her ears. I won’t let this gold digger affect me. I am not falling for another ‘Jane’. Jane also worked here before I proposed to her. She was so nice to me when i first got here and i loved the innocence she portrayed. I never knew it was all a ploy to get to me.

Thank God i found out her true colours before i married her. “you are not getting a kobo from me” i say and she open her eyes confused “what?” she asks me “sleeping with me wouldn’t get you a promotion” “i don’t know what you are talking about” she says and I laugh bitterly. “Drop the innocent act. It won’t work on me.” i look at her from head to toe and observe the long length of her pencil skirt. “These church girl clothes don’t fool me. You are a slut!” i say and she slaps me. Hard!. Stunned, I look directly into her eyes and i notice that they are shining with unshed tears. “Oh, there’s no need to cry, it won’t work on me also. It just makes you look like a pathetic gold- digger” as soon as i say this, i see her hands go up to slap me and i hold her hand before it connects with my face. She struggles to get free but I hold her firmer. Her tears start to fall and my heart sinks. What is wrong with me?. Her tears are probably fake so why am I affected? “who do you think you are, to insult me like this?” she asks me “oh,i am your boss but you already know that right?. That’s why you sneaked into my room and seduced me” i notice her eyes bulge when i say that i am her boss. “my boss!. Oh no!” she tries to free herself again and i let her go this time. “stop the pretense.


I don’t want to ever see you again. As soon as you are done here, pack all your belongings and leave my hotel” “It would be my pleasure. Working for a jerk like you is so appalling. And for your information, i didn’t know who you were that day and i was drunk so stop calling me a gold-digger because, i don’t need anything from you” she says this and walk pass me with her head held high. Could what she said be true?. Was she really drunk?. Did I go too far? Well whatever, i don’t care. Atleast now, i have gotten rid of her. Through-out the whole day, my mind drift to antonia. I asked about her from one of the staffs and got to know that her name is Antonia and that she just started working here. Was she saying the truth about not knowing who i am? No, it can’t be. Everybody knows the akhigbes. We own almost all the hotels in this town and our names were always on the business part of the papers and news. I was even given most eligible bachelor in the state last month. I take my mind of Antonia and concentrate on the documents in front of me. I contacted the pastor yesterday and he agreed to meet with me tomorrow. I hope he accepts my deal. I have only a week and some days left and my father just upped the stakes.


Who ever can get him that land would be inheriting his legacy. I bring my best suit out of my closet and iron it to perfection. I am dressing to win tomorrow. Narrator Cynthia pace round her house in anticipation. She keeps looking at her phone like she’s expecting a call. Her phone rings and she pick it up immediately. “You couldn’t even do that simple task right” the caller says without any form of greeting. “I’m sorry, after she drank the o.j. We lost her. We couldn’t find her.” “you know i needed that plan to work, so i could have something to blackmail her with. So, is your cover blown?” “no, she’s so stupid. It wasn’t difficult to deceive her” “good. Stay close to her” “alright, i will. Oh, how i miss you baby.


When are we going to stop hiding our relationship?” “i already told you, we need to finish this plan, then we will get married in any country of your choice” “oh i cant wait!. Ok, goodbye and I love y–” she says and the line goes dead.

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