Toni: its been more than a week since the incident and I still cant think about anything else. Only one night’s event has ruined me. My family,my career and my impending marriage. How would I explain to kacy about how i lost my virginity. I have been avoiding him and i haven’t retrieved my lost sim-card. That morning, i had sneaked into the house without my parent’s notice and gone to work early the next day. When i got back, i only met my younger brother at home. Thankfully, my parents have gone on a two weeks prayer programme in owerri.


They would be arriving tomorrow but i still haven’t found a good cover story though. My parents won’t be able to handle the truth of my circumstance. My mom would probably have a heart attack. I didn’t see Cynthia for two days and when i asked about her from other colleagues, i was told that she was ill. I went to visit her yesterday and i found out that she was drugged, just like me. Who could have done this to us?. Was it just a prank?.I sigh and rest my head on the glass door of the hotel’s pool house. I notice someone in the pool. Its too early in the morning for someone to be swimming and the pool is supposed to be locked by this time. I press my head to the glass and peer inside. I remain like this and admire the gait and agility of the swimmer. He really is good.

My mind takes me to the time i loved swimming. Well, not anymore. Ever since my brother almost drowned, i have been scared of swimming. The swimmer starts coming out of the pool and my eyes trace his body from his feet upwards to his muscled legs and thigh. He must work out, i think out loud. My eyes continue their journey and i realise that he is just wearing a tiny swim short. I stare, as if hypnotized and lick my dry lips. I continue my perusal of his body till my eyes reach his face. I jerk backwards in shock and my heels slide on the tiled floor thereby causing me to lose my balance. I yelp loudly which draws his attention to me.I crouch on the floor and crawl away quickly.


No no no! Its him! The guy i molested/raped. He didn’t seem to protest that night though. It isn’t rape when there is no protest right?. By the way, What kind of guy would just sleep with a woman he doesn’t know? If he had turned me away, maybe i wouldn’t be in the hot mess that i am right now. This is also his fault. I hope he doesn’t recognise me. This is all so embarrassing.


I thought he would have lodged out of the hotel by now. I haven’t seen him since that morning when i sneaked out of his bed. “antonia, you have a visitor waiting for you at the reception hall” mercy says and this snaps me out of my thoughts. I thank her and move downstairs to meet my visitor. I have no idea who it could be. As soon as i get there i see kacy. His back is to me and i admire his lovely backside unconsciously. I never want to hurt him but right now its inevitable. He has been very good and patient with me. I cant imagine my future without him in it. I cant lie to him, that would be the ultimate betrayal. But how do i tell him?. “toni” he says my name and i cant hold back my tears. I burst out in tears and kacy rushes to me. “oh my God toni, what’s wrong?. I have been trying to contact you for more than a week now. I was so worried. Please tell me you are okay?” his concern for me fuels my tears.

He stands there awkwardly, while i cry like a child in the middle of the reception hall as people watch us. “what are you doing to the lady?”a voice booms from behind me and suddenly, i see a guy seizing kacy by his collar. Kacy starts to protest but he isn’t given any chance as the guy’s fist connects with his stunning face. “no!” i scream and run to kacy who is now on the floor. “are you okay?” i ask him as I bend to help him up. He shrugs me off and shoots me an angry look. “of course, i am not okay. Didn’t you see this lunatic punch me in the face?. I think the mother fucker broke my nose” he grumbles and hold his nose. “that should teach you to never make a lady cry again” the guy says. “what is your probl–” i turn to shout at him but my words hang as i see who it is. I turn away immediately. Why do i keep seeing him today?. Its the guy at the pool.

He is clothed now though. “my problem? I was just trying to help you” he says. I cant see his face, but i know he looks puzzled. “umm..you shouldnt have done that, i didn’t need your um help”i stammer still not looking at him. “you didn’t?” i shake my head “but i thought-“he walks to my front and i turn the other way. “could you atleast look at me while you talk to me?”he says and moves in from of me again and i turn the other way. I see kacy stand up from the ground as he watches us.The guy keeps trying to look at my face and i keep turning the other way. “umm sorry for the disturbance and thanks for trying to help but um, i have to um, leave now”i stammer again and try to flee but he holds my shoulder and turns me to face him. Our eyes meet and i see the recognition  and shock in his eyes before i flee.

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