I  am a girl, i earn alot, i have  an opinion  on everything  and  i have  had  sex. These  wouldn’t  have  been a big deal if i were a guy, but  because  i am a girl, then i am not too likeable  right? These  were  the  words of Radika metta in cheetah  bagat’s one  Indian  girl paraphrased by me.

We have come to find ourselves in a world where one’s   type of   genitals determines how the society treats one.

  Our world has evolved so much and at a fast pace too. However, Over the years, our mentality on gender has not really changed . recently, I was speaking to a male friend of mine on gender equality and he looked at me the same way you would look at a terrorist and was like “Enny, a man should protect his manhood (dignity and pride as a man first)”this went a long way to tell me that many people see the issue of gender as one affecting only females, but you  see, we all should  be feminists

  That’s Christopher! This implies he is meant to go to work, earn money to be spent on wife, children and bills-breadwinner we call it. He is to make the sole decision without being questioned.

Whenever he goes on a date with a woman who earns as much as he does, he is still expected to do the paying.

  It also means he is meant to protect his sister forgetting that he needs protection too. He must suffer accidents in a bid to impress the society which feel “a boy’s got to be hard’

He must drink and smoke and die of lung cancer if he finds himself in a society where smoking is linked to masculinity.

He must not shed tears or show signs of weakness even when faced with emotional traumas for fear it will make him less a man. He must not ask for help from the female,’ its girl’s thing to cry’, he has been made to believe even while dying inside.

   That’s Christiana! This means she is meant to cook, clean and raise babies. If she gets ambitious, she is allowed to learn a petty handiwork or at most, choose from dim career prospects. ‘Don’t dream too high or achieve too much!’ The society continually tells her, so you won’t scare away the man who wants to marry you’ as if all things depend on marriage

Her voice is not meant to be heard in public even if she has ideas capable of birthing progress.

She must act, talk and feel weak, and always depend on the males like a parasite. She also has to cater for the delicate ego that has been developed in males.

I grew up believing females had 7 bones, males 9, until biology told me we all have an equal 206.

Chimamanda  Adiche said  and  i write ‘yes, men are stronger than women so we conclude it’s a men’s world. This made sense about 1000years ago when physical strength was needed for survival and the stronger one was likely to lead. But now, it’s not about who is stronger but who is more intelligent, creative, and innovative and of cause, there are no different hormones in charge of that in males and females. a male is just as intelligent as a female.

There is a favourite story of mine from the bible about a woman called Deborah. She was a wife, mother, judge, prophetess and warrior at the same time and failed in none. When will we start to appoint women into position of authority not because there are no men available but because we believe the woman is just as good as the man?

Now, I am not saying the men should hand over their rights and responsibilities to the women, in fact, men are excellent at what they do, I am only saying males and females should be given the same opportunity, be tested on the same Platform and that one gender should not be made to look superior or weaker to the other. What a man can do, a woman can do better, what a woman can do better, a man can do best.

I look forward to a time when it will not be an issue of boy or girl but human being.

  Achieving gender equality is not a mission impossible. Let’s stop seeing our differences but what we have in common. It is high time the males and females realized there is a problem to solve, one that requires action and solidarity and of cause, its solution is not ‘give it time, if not now, when? If not you, who will?


By:Eniola Oni

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