Author - Oluwatomisin Ojuade

Am a free bird

I can’t do it anymore Though my heart asks for more I don’t think I can guarantee it Though peers thinks it’s meant I don’t think I can do this Even if all companions approves Am a bird Never to be caged Am a free being Never to be kept ‘in an offing’


Mon Amie

Your friendship is so valuable Like a priceless jewel Your personality is so enjoyable Like a sweet caramel I wish I can tell the world How special you are to me How I wish to proclaim it What you mean to me in it Every time I need a shoulder You make it effortless to shudder Like a mother, my sister You remain my only refinery You are the best critic and fan The very best of your kind I am ready to proclaim your worth to me Tell every one who needs a [...]


Far love (crush)

Over the hills and far away Lies my hope of a true love Far far away My love lay in an alcove Reaching deep within the hay Searching for the seed of our love Hoping yet doubting the ray Looking out for the arrival of my love I know the fault lies at my door I know I may be too timid But the ray of hope has a sweet odor The smile of my love is a bright colour The hug of Love’s arms is an honour Now only if I’m [...]


Na Your Grace

It’s only by your grace We have no mace It’s only through the haze That, we, you amaze Baba God,  na your grace There is no solution in a maze Yet you intervened in our case Daddy,  na your grace Your great grace yields grand gratitude Am at the top and am a topic Oh Lord! Am at the altitude Because I’m  in grace tropic Grace grows gallant garments Pride prevents perfect predestined positions My soul surely showcase success My life time in thee delights The catalyst that causes tremendous congratulations Baba na only your grace


Young Love

The sweet sensation The exuberant anticipation Of lovers in dark tarnation Of promises fulfilled Of tender words whispered Of sweet feelings expressed Of young hot bloods pounding Of supple pliant body yielding Of sweet demeanor flowing Of future ahead in ambiguity Of unfeeling attitude to posterity Of consequences unthinking Of longetivity unexpected Of approval unasked So is the lover’s intent Lovers, young lovers feelings



I walked down the street dog tired from a long day of work, I kept thinking about the kind of visitor I got this early morning before going to work. Could it be that guys nowadays invent new ways of malady? Or are they inadvertently loosing their ‘playing’ touch? Or is it just this particular guy’s way of making a miserable attempt at flirting? Okay, I know am not making much sense right now but I soon will. I’ve had a [...]