It is not exaggerated that the technology level of this country, Nigeria, is still underrated. Nigeria is a nation blessed with many resources, that is why she is called “a blessed nation”. But, it is unfortunate that those resources are not fully maximized and utilized.

However, if only the government can divert some more attention to the technological development of our country, we would be far improved.

About few months back, somewhere in Ogbomosho, Oyo state. A male student of Anglican grammar school Ogbomosho built a miniature car using some pieces of Dunlop slippers (a.k.a bathroom slippers) and broomstick.

This miniature car has light in tiny LEDs as a source of illumination all over its body.

The most fascinating part is the young lad has no idea of neither mechanics nor physics is, yet he built something as intriguing as that.

Like this boy, we have youths and children with amazing innate abilities to build and develop things. We are not just a nation blessed with numerous mineral resources, we are a nation blessed with people of great intellects. All they need is just a little spark to ignite their abilities. But how can we ignite them if we don’t encourage and support them?.

We have forgotten the word that says “Youths are the future leaders of a nation.” Yes, they have the potential in them to make or mar a nation. This implies that our lives are in their hands. The question is, how well are we training them?, how well are we improving them?.

70% of China’s technology level as at now is as a result of the youths effort and how much the government helped in bringing their creativity into limelight them.

Nigeria’s technological improvement can only come from the creating of more Youth Empowerment Centres to help train them, to bring our the best of them, make them more creative.

Our future is in our youth’s hands. It is up to us to encourage or discourage them.

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